ZeroDev is the most ambitious company in AA — we build infrastructure and tooling to help developers leverage the power of AA, in order to bring about the general adoption of smart contract wallets, which is necessary for fully realizing the potential of Web3. ZeroDev is the author of Kernel, the most widely-used smart account on all major EVM chains, and our AA stack is used by some of the best projects in Web3 such as Goldfinch and CyberConnect.

Despite our impressive traction, we have intentionally kept the team small, because we believe that a small team of highly talented and motivated individuals can outperform larger bureaucratic organizations. Therefore, you can expect to join a small team and make significant impact on the company.

Here are some qualities we are looking for:

At this job, you can expect to:

ZeroDev is well-funded by top investors, and our team includes some of the top contributors to ERC-4337 itself. Come join us and help accelerate Web3’s transition to smart wallets!